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www.mahaedunews.com is an unique educational website. It focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading topics in education. It helps in delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen vast educational system with the help of students, teachers and experts. 

It will help students to explore their vast world. It’s not only the privilege of only few to write articles and their achievements. Every one has a success story and an unique journey. Let’s give them a chance. We thrive to provide a platform where students, teachers and experts can have an equal opportunity and are able to publish their story which will have a significant effect on them and society. Your stories will help the student community whose journey has just begun.

Availing core information about development in education, latest technological advancements, etc., mahaedunews is an impeccable platform firmly focused on all sizes and sectors thriving in this core area. This website aims to be a through guide to all the diverse challenges in this sector.

What we aim at is to create a best platform for students and professionals to share their experiences, views and mantra of success which will help the upcoming young and dynamic bloodline to learn, cater and deliver the best to the society.

So, join the mission of sharing your views, news, articles etc. Let the actual purpose of education reach each and every one in the society. 

Dr. Shivaji Bhosale
Associate Professor
Sir Parashurambhau College, Pune