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A Guide to Career Opportunities and New Trends in Physics: Dr. Shivaji Bhosale

There are lakhs of students across India who takes their undergraduate programme in Physics. However, most of them are pursuing it to just get a graduation degree and are not aware about several opportunities available to them under this branch. Physics is one of the oldest branches of science which helps students in development of various aptitude skills which are useful even far beyond lab and are valued in a vast range of careers. It’s not just rocket science; physics can be route to so many careers, from predicting climate change to designing computer programmes. A bachelor in physics is a versatile degree that generates robust, plentiful and lucrative employment opportunities. The common misconception among physics students is that the most likely and realistic career path only leads to teaching profession. However, globally more than 70% have chosen their career without physics domain.

It’s to note that the skill set which physics subject must cultivate is also important for which the subject has the capacity and potential. Some of the particular skills like research and problem solving,  expertise in using scientific instruments, mathematical and reasoning skills, programming, modelling and simulation, quality control, scientific writing etc.

Students pursuing degree in physics indeed are eligible and have wide range of opportunities in, Defence (CDS, OTA, NCC special entry, Education department, AFCAT), UPSC, MPSC, IT, Railways MBA (CAT, CET), BPO etc.  Also they can have job profiles like Scientific Assistant, Research Analyst, Consultant, Physics Mentor, Subject matter expert, Content writer, Scientist, Technical writer/editor, Researcher, Technician, Online tutors and Lab technicians.

There are several reputed institutes for pursuing higher degrees in physics. To be named few we have institutes like IIT’s, IISER, TIFR, ICTS-Banglore, IASC-Kolkata, Presidency University- Kolkata, Vellore Institute of Technology, HRI-Allahabad, IIA- Bengaluru, IMSC-Chennai, SN Bose NCBS-Kolkata, BITS Pilani, IUCCA,CMET-Pune, CSIR Laboratories etc. and several other Universities where students can go for higher studies. Here students will have wide range of options and can choose any of the specializations like Astronomy and Astrophysics, Atomic an Molecular Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Electronics, Biophysics, Thin Film, Vaccum Technology, Material Science, Quantum Physics, Optics, Fluid Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chemical Physics, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Computational Physics, Instrumentation, Medical Physics, Geophysics, Laser Technology, Energy Studies, Atmospheric Physics, Bioelectronics, Accelerator Physics, Microwave theory and Applications, Statistical Physics, Solar Energy, Systematic Material Analysis and Renewable Energy.

With the above labelled specializations there are many major recruiters like DRDO, HEMRL, ONGC, BHEL, NTPC, ISRO, Defence, Excelsoft technologies, Career launcher, Mineral exploration Corporation Ltd, State Power Holding Company, BARC, TELCO, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Advance Scientific Instruments, Uranium Corporation of India Ltd, National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, ISRO etc.

However, recently many start-ups have grown up in these core areas and are now major contributors to the employment. There is no need to depend upon above mentioned companies or institutes anymore. We can see surge in the number of entrepreneurs and start-ups related to Nanotechnology, Vaccum Technology, Plasma Technology, Software Development, Medical Devices and Instruments, Instrument Systems, Electronic Components, Networking and Equipment’s, Consultancy, Biotechnology, Research and Development, Semiconductors, Data Management and Analysis, Intellectual Property, Energy, Laser and Computational.

Moreover, the market also has many other requirements where students of physics can play an important role. There is increase in number of E-learning and Training companies where students can easily develop necessary skills especially in distance learning, online tutoring, content development, online consultancy, online student support system, virtual classroom, E-tests and Assessments, Educational Publications, Art Design, Simulation and Design, Development of e-learning Software’s, Web based learning system, Mobile learning development, Game based Learning and Assessment Solutions. However, here it will be important if students can go for additional qualification like Scientific Languages (C and C++, Fortran, Matlab etc) PhP, .NET, Visual Basics, Java, Animation, Coral Draw, Graphics software (GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Pizap, Microsoft Publisher, Picasa etc), Digital Marketing, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Authoreware (Wikipedia, Library), Everest (computer based training), Language Learning Softwares, Mind Mapping Softwares, Interactive Geometry Softwares.

Therefore, there is no scarcity of opportunities if students are pursuing their career in physics provided the individual understands mapping of their own skills along with liking for the core subject.

By Dr. Shivaji Bhosale

MahaEdu News Administrator is a different educational website. It focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading topics in education. It helps in delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen vast educational system with the help of students, teachers and experts.
MahaEdu News Administrator is a different educational website. It focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading topics in education. It helps in delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen vast educational system with the help of students, teachers and experts.
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