Life Style Management for Students during Exams: Dr. Mahesh Garje

Dear students,

We all can appreciate the difference in mental approach of a common person and a student who is preparing for a board exam or competitive exams.

Exam going students have to undergo through tremendous physical and mental stress.

Human body is not designed to sit in one place continually for eight to ten hours or in case of some students even more.

Sitting continually in one place for prolonged time can result in restless state of mind, depression, generalized body ache, back ache and all such sorts of problems which an exam going might have to face. Digestive tract problems due to stress, commonly acidity, headache, migraine, high blood pressure.

Life style management principle in such times is;

There has to be a routine in everything, every activity you do. A rhythm is important, timing is important. Making a time table, taking out time for every activity. Eg. Adequate and timely sleeps, regular and timely food intake, do not miss meal timings.

Follow sleep wake timings religiously.

Now coming to physical complaints which we come across routinely in exam going students are;


Anxiety – It’s a continually restless state of mind. Even after withdrawal of stimulus.


Acidity, vomiting

Piles, fissures

Low back pain

Recurrent oral ulcerations

Low hemoglobin i.e Anemia

Burning pain in eyes

Watering of eyes

Blurring of vision

Itching sensation in eyes

Irritation of eyes

Neck pain and in worst cases cervical spondylitis

Faulty sitting posture leading to generalized body ache.

Now the most astonishing thing is that almost all of these health issues are preventable.

How, that’s what we are going to discuss now.

Dietary precautions that can avoid majority of health problems.

Avoiding excess of tea or coffee or avoiding it all together.

The problem with tea or coffee is that they generate excess internal heat in our body which our system can not handle. Leading to problems in our digestive system. Because of that we may have to face heat related diseases eg. Burning of eyes, oral ulcers, gastric ulcers, acidity.

There is a positive co relation between tea coffee consumption and diabetes. That may well explain early onset of diabetes in youngsters.

Tea and coffee also reduce the levels of neuro-protective vitamins in our body, alcohol is the other causative factor.

Neuro-protective vitamins like vitamin B12, vitamin B 6 , folic acid by lowering them levels of homocysteine a toxin in our blood is increased. This leads to blockage of heart and brain blood vessels. Causing heart attack, stroke, and paralysis, This is also the reason for increasing trend of heart attack in youngsters.

Which has direct connection with excess tea coffee consumption.

Avoiding black spices in meals.

Again the mechanism is by increasing body heat and lowering body ph i.e making body acidic.

It also leads to stomach ulcerations, oral ulcers, burning pain during urination, Fissures, piles.

Toor Dal consumption

Substitute toor dal with moong or masoor dal. Toor leads to digestive tract problems during stress period.

Avoiding consumption of cold drinks and energy drinks such as Pepsi, coca cola, thums up , red bull.

Excess of caffeine leads to overstimulation of our nervous system. Same is true about tannin which is found in tea. They lead to disturbance of sleep wake pattern, anxious mindset , cardiovascular problems.

Follow meal timings.

Avoid oily, spicy food items.

Avoid fast food, junk food.

Role of Multivitamin supplements during exam days.

Now the question is why we need external vitamin supplements during exam days. We need them because due to tremendous stress many of these vitamins are used up faster than they can be replenished while protecting our body from stress.

Types of vitamins which are depleted during stress situation.

Vitamin B12

Role in Protecting central nervous system.  Protecting the brain.  Protecting the skin and mucous membrane. Role in hemoglobin formation. Keeping in control levels of toxin homocysteine in blood. Just think which all disorders can arise due to deficiency of vit B 12.


Neuroprotective, Hemoglobin synthesis, Immunity, Folic Acid, Protection of mucosa, skin,  Hemoglobin synthesis, Immunity, Zinc, Micronutrient, Role in immune regulation, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol ) Regulation of bone metabolism, Regulation of cholesterol metabolism, Maintains strength of bones,

Usually vitamins are divided in two groups.

Water soluble

Those vitamins which can be easily thrown out of body through sweat and urine in case of excess doses. Eg. Vit B12, Niacin, Folic acid. Even if taken in excess they are not problematic.

Fat soluble vitamins

Those vitamins which when consumed in excess amounts can accumulate in our body and can lead to toxicity. Eg. Vitamin A, Vitamin D.  Always take fat soluble vitamins under medical supervision. Fat soluble vitamins are excreted through faeces. Their high doses are difficult for our body to eliminate.

Classifying food items as hot or cold

In Tibetan medicine food items are classified as hot or cold. And accordingly persons having body types are advised which food to eat and which one to avoid. And also which food items are to be taken in which season.

Three factors are to be taken into consideration while advising a food item.

Food item; Hot or cold

Individual body type; Hot or cold.

Season; Hot or cold.

Similar classification can be found in Indian Ayurveda. Body types based on thermal are pitta constitution, kinetic or vatta, potential or kapha. Since most of our exams are in summer, most common problem is excess body heat or heat issues.

Avoid heat producing dry fruits such as cashew nuts , badam, pistachios. In fruits banana or mangoes.

Fruits you can have eg. Grapes, apples.

How do we know if particular food item is hot or not.

After consuming that food item in excess amount if you get pimples on your body or acidity or burning of eyes or burning sensation during urination, know the food item to be hot.

Overcoming anxiety and depression during exam days.

Lord Krishna has said in Bhagvat Gita that “Doubtful souls are sure to be doomed “.

Entering action with boldness is the only solution. Do not give half hearted efforts and do not worry about results. Avoid procrastination: Strong action is the only solution. Physical Exercise: Physical workout daily for at least 45 minutes is a must. Running or walking: It helps in throwing out waste products of metabolism through sweat and also secretes endorphins in brain, chemicals which are equivalent to feeling of joyfulness and happiness, calmness, satisfaction. Meditation: Meditating two times a day, 20 minutes in morning and 20 minutes in evening will help to stay focused and balanced . It’s a must for your mental and emotional fitness.

Simple breathing meditation will also do the work. The technique is as follows.

Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Do not try to control it, just observe. Let the thoughts come and go, do not try to control your thoughts, just be a silent observer. Gradually you will find your mind settling down. Thought frequency will also reduce i.e number of thoughts per second will be lower then what it used to be previously.

Do these for 20 minutes daily for two times and you will know what peace is.

Getting clear with your past.

Unless you work on your past, you can not create a better future.  What is our life but a repetition of same patterns throughout? Unless you break those patterns there can not be a breakthrough in your life. Get clear with your past, learn your lesson and let your past go. Past clearing is a must for your emotional fitness.

Take home message.

At least for four months in a year March,  April,  may, June stop drinking tea , coffee, liquor.

Do not consume black spices or dry fruits mentioned above.

Take capsule Becozinc or Becosule twice daily for four months in a year.

Also Tablet Folic acid 5 mg twice daily for four months.

Definitely you will see a big improvement in your physical health.

Take both tablets simultaneously.

That’s all for now, all the best.

Dr. Mahesh Garje (MBBS, MD)

Author is a practicing pathologist and also works as a counsellor, Reiki master and an energy healer. Mobile no 8275391115

For more such articles visit www.mahaedunews.com

Dr. Shivaji Bhosale is Assistnat Professor of Physics in Sir Parashurambhau College, Pune
Dr. Shivaji Bhosale is Assistnat Professor of Physics in Sir Parashurambhau College, Pune
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