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Specially (Abled….?): Mr Jayant Nagrale

I was astonished! Amazed! Astounded!
On the mutual formalities, I, being the Trainer, is always on the dice with the muddled &
questioned faces next to me. Being introduced by the organizers and then is I with my stage and
the trainees.
It was for the first time, had glanced over the trainees and unknowingly unbuttoned my blazer
and then was my right hand in work for it.
The few were with opened close eyes, the few were engaged wheeling themselves, the few had
their hands on the sculpted legs, the few were with pens held by their lips, …..…..oh! my God!
Yes! They must be addressed as the Specially Abled ones.
How do we define them?
They are seen only on the basis of physical appearance like without hand/s, leg/s, eye/s or facial
structure, etc. We don’t check their other organs with its safety & security and especially the
mental health.
How do we treat them?
We ignore their potential within and compare the healthy individual on a physical look through.
We must not. Better check their mental health and caliber for the required works.
It was a Campus Recruitment event especially organized for the Specially Abled pupils by
Shivaji University, Kolhapur. My role was to train/motivate them for facing an interview and
furnish them well with the corporate needs.

Registrar, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Central Placement Officer and the other recognized
persons completed their formalities by inaugurating the function and tracked themselves to their
respective Chairs. It was my turn to face them.
A bit of misperception with my inner, questioning myself for, what had to be with these
Will it be right teaching them for soft-skills, the typical know-hows for facing an interview
starting with wishing the interviewee, dress sense, etiquettes & manners, etc.?
No!…….Absolute No!
…moreover… the faces I was exposed to might have been carrying the same misperception as to
What? How?….by Jayant, the Trainer.

Folded my sleeves and asked them to share the best ever moment in their life. It was a reflection
of surprise to the trainees….continued … so on….we were all friends to each other and couldn’t
make out that the clock had already rotated twice …. Relaxed!
But obvious…the moments were versatile with their thoughts and experiences irrespective with
an individual…. but…. I could make out the Unique Smile with cheers in their faces.
The tentative count was 300. There had been many who were well informed before about the
same but these present ones were really the specials.
What had I been motivating them for? Their presence itself was like winning the battle. They
carried their confidence for being ready to work with the potential and the capacity they carry
although being the Specially Abled. They are ready to face the procedurals for recruitment.
I just refreshed them mentally. There was no as such technicality in my trainings for the day.
It was one of the happiest days and the unique stage that I had shared ever. These were the
Special Recruits.
I must really appreciate and thank the Central Placement Cell, Shivaji University, Kolhapur and
the special companies that had turned up recruiting these specials.
The few were selected and recruited. Reading the same, carried a special cheer within.
Some are still in contact with me thanking me for my special training and complimenting me
….but…. the fact is they were all on the right track, I just made them to follow.
On a personal request, I would appeal all the Universities, professional & un-professional
colleges, institutes and so also the corporate sectors for making these “specially abled” ones to
be the part of our system. We must organize and recruit these pupils and inspire them to be one
among the us. Let’s not role ourselves as the specially abled before these real fellows. They carry
their own potential and are ready to expose themselves.
Let’s get hand in hand and make available the opportunities for them.
God Bless!!


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Dr. Shivaji Bhosale is Assistnat Professor of Physics in Sir Parashurambhau College, Pune
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Dr. Shivaji Bhosale is Assistnat Professor of Physics in Sir Parashurambhau College, Pune
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  1. Awesome sir.

  2. Keep up up your excellent work of imparting training to needy students .In fact it is kind of welfare and thankful work.

  3. Atul Sadavare

    No words, and yes you are right , they already won the battle of their special life by just willing to do something.

  4. Gaurav khaparde

    As you see those people reach zenith who helps others to reach the top.

    May the universe conspire to make you successful in every sphere of life.

    What a splendid job.

    Hat’s off to you bro.

  5. Juzer Master

    Jawesome….Very well written & a wonderful experience, i am sure….bless you…

  6. Pandit Patne

    Kudos to you for your genius and stalwart in the field of training and education. May God bless you in your endeavors to train and educate the needy, and bless you in making your future bright.

  7. Mahesh v Petkar

    Great sir

  8. Great work Jayantji 👍👍

  9. Very inspiring, not only for specially abled but for all.

    सहानुभूती च्या कुबड्या देण्यापेक्षा मनाच्या प्रचंड क्षमतेवर भर देऊन त्यांच्या पंखात बळ निर्माण केले…. It’s miraculous !!

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