Success in Life was the Result of My Early Failures: Bhushan Babade

Aim for the Sky, Sky has no Limits, Even if you fall you will fall below the top the Tree. This was what we had been taught in our School.

Since childhood, I always dreamed of joining Indian Air Force with entry into NDA at Khadwasla. But in my first attempt I was not able to clear the written examination. It was a great shock for me. Somehow, I cleared my second attempt but couldn’t join due to low merit.  It created lot of pain and agony in me. I was not able to withstand the pressure of my parents, my society and my friends who looked success in me. By this time I decided to join engineering degree with a hope of making a good career. During this period I received joining letter from Maricco Shipping and as a supervisor in HPCL. I was desperately in need of consultation, but could not approach any one due to my own reservations. However, I decided to ask my father whether to join any of these options and discontinue pursuing Electronics Engineering. I also asked whether I should join Arts College and prepare for Civil Services.

With calm my Father gave me a fine example and asked me to look at the local Iswaar Pan Shop who earns in lakhs but doesn’t command respect.  He said by completing your graduation you will get better exposure and a class of good friends which will become pillar of your success in future. Now you only decide.

Call it motivation or pressure from my Sainik School friends; I decided to complete my Engineering degree. Joining defence was always my priority which peeped from time to time again and again in my mind. This time I cleared SSB under University Entry Scheme for Indian Army but couldn’t join due to backlog in Seventh Semester of final year engineering degree. I felt I was the only person who has visited most of the SSB centres for interviews in India.  I kept trying various government exams but couldn’t join either due to low merit or failure.

This was the time when due to frustration I decided to apply for fireman post in Mumbai Municipal Corporation. But there also couldn’t join for the reason not having Sanskrit subject in matriculation.

There was no end to disasters when I got rejected in Physical Endurance Test due to jaundice for post of Inspector (Signals) in Shastra Seema Bal  a paramilitary force of India. To give my fate another chance I even applied for group D post in Indian Railway but there also couldn’t clear the written test. Somehow I did my Engineering knowing very well in advance that I cannot become a good engineer. Seeing all roads blocked I decided to work as a clock hour lecturer in one of the Local College.

Tremendous pressure mounted on me as I thought myself to be the last person to get settled from my batch of 56 cadets with whom I shared my childhood schooling. I realised, how others success is more difficult to digest than our own success.

Meanwhile my Father had planned post retirement business at village Dahiwali, at the foothills of Karla Caves and Ekveera Devi Temple with the purchase of land way back in 1981. Land came under dispute from ex high level politician and added worries from caretaker of the property to us.

Things started moving when we decided to construct rooms and converted it into a commercial property. Further, I implemented few business ideas, which beard fruits in terms of monetary benefits. I did not mind in starting a coin box for selling food stuff by roadside during holidays.

Friend in need is friend indeed.  Few of my childhood friends told to better study MBA for further progress. With high motivation and vision of success, I started interacting with friends who had already became Class One Officers, doctors etc. knowing very well that I am the last person from our batch to settle down in life.

With appetite for success, I fully concentrated on MBA studies and implemented practical and theory knowledge in my actual Business.

Things were not easy with financial crunch, threats, local monopoly but overcome all the hurdles without any mistakes. I took few bold decisions like removing encroachment from my area, implementation of modern business plans in remote village proved to be boon for my further business endeavours. Everyone laughed at me except my close friends.  Now everyone is appreciating my decisions which were actually undervalued 15 years back. I personally feel Hard work, Honesty, Determination, Perseverance and good friends will always bring laurels and success in ones life. Currently, I have a huge business premise which consists of 22 rooms, 9 shops and a Restaurant.

All the failures in life became my experience through which I was able to sail my life successfully. Every failure I witnessed, taught me many lessons which I would have never obtained from any book or ordered framework which are their in the market. No one will ever be able to teach us better than our own life. So never be afraid of early failures.

The author is a successful businessman.


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MahaEdu News Administrator is a different educational website. It focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading topics in education. It helps in delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen vast educational system with the help of students, teachers and experts.
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Comments (29)

  1. Awesome success story. Well written

  2. Yogesh Mohadikar

    Bhushan has never say die attitude and this article explains that Life is the best teacher…
    Well written success story…

  3. Kiran bandekar

    We are very happy to read your story ,it was great journey ,your hard work has made you successful in your life ,it will be definitely inspiration to new generation ,well done bhushan

    • Babya who we all lovingly know him as…has always been a go getter. Initial hurdles never stopped him from dreaming and achieveing success. A man with a impeccable vision and clear foresight…has always believed that hardwork and perseverance is the mantra for success. Best wishes to you buddy and may god grant you all the success you deserve. Regards, Samya.

  4. Congratulations 💐
    I’m so Happy & Excited for ur Success.
    Be Proud of ur Hard Work.

  5. When going gets tough, tough gets going this is what bhushan showed to us. Learned important lessons of life from the struggle. All the best bhushan

  6. Awesome, He is doing a yeomen service for poor in his region and I had a good fortune of knowing him during school days. God bless

  7. Bhushan you are true inspiration for young entrepreneurs. Your struggle, your fearless attitude, risk appetite and never to give up your dreams. You carved your own path and made your destiny.

  8. Santosh S Gaikwad

    You got to get knocked down many times, shake it off. Life is about ups and downs, and you got to keep standing up.
    And we are proud of you, u stood high….

  9. Life is great teacher and we all are students. One who is attentive and alert in class succeeds for sure.
    You are inspiration to all the boys in our batch… keep up buddy… sky is the limit 👍👍👍

  10. Deepak Toraskar

    Bhushan your struggle in life is hilarious. Finally your hard work and perseverance has paved the way for success. Let’s hope that your personal struggle and success be a source of inspiration for future young generations.
    Hats off to you Bhushan
    Regards Deepak

  11. Well done friend bhushan hard work gets it’s reward now and then your journey will be an great inspiration to all friends and family will be always appreciated

  12. Well done friend bhushan hard work gets it’s reward now and then your journey will be always appreciated and will be inspiration to friends and family.

  13. It’s an inspiring story for all of us.
    Wishing you all the best for your future.

  14. Mahesh Burange

    Great Bhushan, am Proud of you, life is never easy but with ones dedication and endless efforts we can achieve our goals that’s exactly what you have experienced and now you are very close to your goals and am sure you will achieve it very soon.

    Congratulations and wish you best luck Babya.


  15. Great Baban, Congratulations!
    Ups and downs are part and parcel of life but how u faces it is more important. And finally u proved that u are fighter. Great dear keep it up. Inspirational for all.

  16. Bhushan, it is my proud privilege to have been associated with you and our batch. I consider myself blessed. Having set of friends who do not understand word ” Give-up” is like a miracle, best one of my life. God Bless ’99’.

  17. Surendra pachhapurkar

    Well fighting spirit bhushan… life is not to fight others… life is fight for ourself to become better and better… its You Vs You
    Best luck for future task

  18. BHALCHANDRA Suryawanshi

    a worthy role model……desire for success….developed your talent forearned the respect ….offortitude ….determination toinherent desire to ……achieveknowledge and experienceo……utstanding talent.nice bhushan

  19. Nicely written..Motivational to students n others

  20. Bhushan, good write up..straight from the heart and an Inspiring one ! May your further journey be more prosperous ..All the best .

  21. Surendra pachhapurkar

    Very nice fighting spirit bhushan.. life is not fighting with others.. its fighting between You Vs You for better to best.. keep it up ..its great motivation

  22. dear Bhushan

    inspired by your hard work and story its journey that keeps going on all the best for future endeavour

    Ranjeet Mane

  23. Sushant Girbane

    In life, breakdowns prepare us a lot more than the breakthroughs do.
    When you are happy, you listen to the music and when you are unhappy, you understand the lyrics.

    Bhushan, you have completely understood the lyrics part. Now, it’s time to enjoy the music.

    Congratulations on your success. Many more to come!

  24. You struggling your life story and it is encouraging to others…..

  25. I ve seen Baabdyaa’s fighting spirit from Nehru house days. We were in same dormatory. He use to look apparently underweight, however, never allowed that to become stigma or impedance in his performance in curricular activities. In fact that made him even more determined and resolute. I still remember his father’s visits and his inspiring talks to us. I wish all the best to him for his future endeavours.

  26. Bhushan
    You will do wonders. Just stay grounded.

    Best wishes

  27. Appreciative

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