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The beauty of Mind and Body: Dr.Vileena Inamdar

The nature encompassed with enchanting mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, trees, animals, birds is beautiful. Likewise, mankind who appreciates this nature is also beautiful. The mankind’s beauty lies in beautiful thoughts, creative endeavors and memorable experiences. Constant engagement with books, dramas, musical compositions etc, enhances this beauty. In one of her speeches Mrs Anu Aga ex- CEO of Thermax inspired her audience with her beautiful and precise thought. She exclaimed “No rest till getting best” “If you will rest you will rust”. She conveyed that with the importance of untiring vigorous efforts we can achieve our goals. These very efforts will not seem tiring if they are supported by constant determination. The significance of “No rest till getting best” is synonymous to success. If we work hard in order to achieve our goals we can reach the zenith of success in our lives. Rest for 8 hours is more than sufficient for our body and mind. Excessive rest will rust our mind and our body will become lethargic and lazy.

Now, my dear friends, I would like to illustrate the true beauty of some of our body parts.

Our head where our mind lies is the creator of such beautiful thoughts. We cannot trace this mind but at the same time its existence cannot be denied. According to the renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud our mind is bound by complex processes. However according to me our mind is awakened by our (inner strength and power) and consists of a chain of positive thoughts. When we do or speak something from the bottom of our heart we are being truthful. And in this truthfulness lies the beauty of our mind.

Reading books enriches our thought process and in turn enhances the rhythm of our life. The more books we read the more beautiful thoughts get accumulated in our brain. When we churn buttermilk vigorously, the butter is separated from the buttermilk and appears on top. Likewise the saturated thoughts in our brain get churned vigorously and inspiring thoughts appear on top. Consequently such thoughts will get penned down in the form of valuable literary works like the sacred book Dnyaneshwari by Saint Dnyaneshwar. Thus good thoughts are the beauty of our head, i.e. our brain.

Beauty of eyes lies in admiring the beauty of nature. To flow continuously without stopping is the nature of a river, likewise visiting and observing various places of interests and thereby collecting and storing unforgettable experiences should be in our nature which will enrich the beauty of our inner eye or mind’s eye. Not only our visible eyes but also our invisible mind’s eye with which we dream in our sleep is also beautiful.

Wearing a nose ring makes one look instantly beautiful but by practicing breathing exercises like Kapalbhati and Anulomvilom daily will safeguard the beauty of our nose, the nose will perform beautifully for its contribution in strengthening our lungs.

The beauty of our red lips conveys healthiness of our body. If we include green leafy vegetables cooked in iron utensils along with Roti made out of wheat, jowar or bajra, we will be free from anemia. Our haemoglobin level will increase and we will become healthy. The beauty of our lips which is a mirror of our health does not lie in applying a lipstick but in our healthy diet. The beauty of our mouth and tongue lies in speaking a polite, affectionate and truthful language without hurting others feelings. Our way of speaking should touch people’s hearts and bring transformation in their lives.

The beauty of our neck does not lie in wearing expensive necklaces but the beauty of our neck and vocal chords lies in reciting melodious songs which will bring solace to self and other people.

The beauty of our shoulders lies in shouldering responsibilities. We should always be ready to help others in their need. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Always help others in crisis.

Our limbs and hands are also beautiful when they accept the golden opportunity offered to them. The conversion of opportunities into success stories will enhance the beauty of limbs and hands. Generosity will also increase the beauty of our hands. We should learn at least one art out of 64 arts which the humans have created. The fingers of Tabla maestro Zakir Hussain, Santoor maestro Shivkumar Sharma, and the missile developing hands of the missile man: Former president Late Dr. Abdul Kalam’s are also beautiful. The hands of farmers who sow seeds for providing food to humanity and the hands of soldiers using the gun for protection of our borders are also beautiful.

The beauty of our back lies in achieving success and being patted on the back by our elders, friends, well-wishers and also in patting the back of others on their achieving success. Our prestige in society enhances by such acts of kindness. Additionally we should be constantly seeking the blessings of our elders by humbly bowing before them by bending our backs. The more we humbly bow/ bend the more we reach greater heights.

The beauty of our stomach is in eating food in reasonable quantity which is healthy. Consuming junk food  continuously will lead to the deterioration of your health. For a woman the beauty of her womb lies in carrying the baby for 9 months in her womb and giving birth to her baby. This gives her motherhood and so in this way her womb can be regarded as beautiful.

The beauty of our feet lies in negotiating difficult terrains or forts and reach the destinations. The legs of the trekker Miss Krushna Patil are beautiful as she has climbed  Mount Everest having an altitude 8,848 meters in the Himalayas. The beauty of legs cannot be judged by a simple pedicure or expensive shoes that are worn by these feet. The real beauty of our feet lies in performing spectacular feats and world records with the help of our feet. The legs of a 14 year old Romanian Gymnast Nadia Comaneci are beautiful. Not because she looks beautiful but because she has achieved a perfect 10 in Gymnastics in Olympics and created a world record. To keep the beauty of our feet intact, we should keep our feet engaged by exercising and walking regularly with intent. Arunima Sinha achieved an unique feat of climbing the Mount Everest with an amputed  foot. Her wounds were still fresh and her leg bled while climbing Mount Everest, but inspite of that she fulfilled her dream with perseverance.

The beauty of our feet lies in traversing unchartered, unpaved and thorny roads, sacred groves, historical monuments and forts and participating in pilgrimage procession of Saint Dnyaneshwar and Saint Tukaram from Alandi/Dehu to Pandharpur. As an eminent writer Irawati Karve says ‘We should create a passion of walking as much as we can and gather experiences from these adventures, only then our life will become dynamic and gain momentum.’

The beauty of our entire body lies in performing yogic exercises which will not only secure your well-being but this 5000 year old ancient practice will also enhance the beauty of our mind and body and will bring enormous and unbelievable transformation in our personality.

An excerpt from the book “Shabdaleen” written by Dr.Vileena Shashank Inamdar, Lecturer in H.V Desai College, Head of Dept. of Geography. (

Dr.Vileena Shashank Inamdar

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MahaEdu News Administrator is a different educational website. It focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading topics in education. It helps in delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen vast educational system with the help of students, teachers and experts.
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  1. Nice flow of thoughts related to the body,mind and soul.
    Our lives are entwined by these.
    It was refreshing to hear your talk in Marathi yesterday.
    Thanks again

  2. Dr Sanjay Patil

    It was amazing lecture om body, soul and mind…. It’s necessary in current scenario in lockdown and city life where people are more money oriented and loosing their natural and rural life which is essentially to intimate with nature and healthy mind. Mind is main source of energy and happiness which clearly explained by u … Congratulations Vileena madam…. For nice explanation….

  3. Laukik Inamdar

    Very well put. A perfect way to know yourself as a person, and becoming a better version of yourself. Very inspiring and very motivating, a must read in this lockdown period.
    A proud son.

  4. Pratibha Patil

    Closely knit writing on body , soul and mind. Highly profound information. Thank you Dr Vileena Inamdar for the crispy details.

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