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Tourism – A best Opportunity in Modern Times: Mr. Jagdish Mali

For last 10 years, we (Dreamz Holidays) have found a place in the heart of many clients with our services, transparency and reliability.

We are Team of 15, who are partners and work as freelancers spread across many cities in the country.

We have offices on Sinhgad road and Koregaon Park, pune.

I am chemical engineer. Worked as a lecturer in engineering college for 13 years. 2 years in IT field. But from beginning I had a dream of doing some business and was searching for some opportunity to shift from Service to self Employed.

In my mind about the business, was like I do not wanted to do a traditional business, a business with investment, inventory, recovery etc.

So after giving a thought I came to conclusion, Travel industry (Tourism) would suffice my plans. Initially started along with my friend as a partner and then in March 2011 started my venture, Dreamz Holidays.

My View, This business is or in fact any business depends upon your social contacts.

I found this business, with less investment, no inventory, and no recovery. Along with this I could meet People and try to fulfill their dreams (Dreams to Reality- Our Moto). Holiday (Break away from Daily routine) is such thing that anyone poor or rich, young or old, Family or corporate… Needs holiday.

So for last nine years we are into this business and growing successfully.

The name itself was our company’s motto that we want to help customers to fulfill their dreams into reality.

Basically there is a difference between holiday and tour.

Holidays- where people want to utilize their leisure time with family, the time for relaxation and explore.

Tour- where people want to utilize whatever time they have and see the maximum things without giving much thought on leisure.

Tourism is a very vast field. It is the second largest industry in the world after agriculture in terms of GDP and employment.

This industry can be divided into various sectors like… Family holidays, group Tours, student tours, MICE (MEETING, INCENTIVE, CONFERENCE AN EVENT), Pilgrimage, Heritage, Adventure etc.

We (Dreamz Holidays) are into to customize family holidays, where we design the holiday package for a family with their own requirements like Date and time, no of persons, no of rooms, no of days, hotel category, vehicle requirement and their budget.

History of tourism (in nutshell)

1) We know in historic times every small city was a Kingdom. People wanted to travel form one place to other, due to motivation or curiosity. For example – Salt etc. This we call initial phase of tourism. (देशाटन)

2) Hindus were having char dham yatra in our prehistoric time. Dwarka, Badrinath, Jagannath Puri and Rameshwar. People use to travel to these places for religious purpose, we call this as spiritual tourism. (तीर्थाटन)

3) After British came, they found or developed many places to take a holiday or to relax. We call this as a leisure tourism. (पर्यटन)

4) Historic times Some Great personalities / Kingdom were travelling for adventure or to conquer e.g. Alexander and Chengis khan. We can say this as adventure tourism.

International tourism we believe started by Columbus, Vasco da Gama and Heun Saung. Curiosity to travel new places.

Silk route- People form of China, India use to travel for trade to places like Persia, Turkey, Iran even up to Meditarian Sea.

Types of tourism

1) Inbound and outbound

Inbound- when foreigners travel to our country for tourism

Outbound- when our people travel to other countries for tourism

2) Domestic tourism

3) Adventure tourism

4) Heritage tourism

5) Pilgrimage tourism

6) Spiritual tourism

7) Leisure tourism

8) MICE – meetings incentives conferences and events

9) Medical tourism

10) Educational tourism

And so on and so forth

Traveler and Tourist

Traveler- one who travels from one place to other place

Tourist- one who travels from one place to other place to explore the places

Advantage of tourism

1) Tourism industries is huge, inbound tourism gives great foreign exchange to our country and In Total This industry contributes approximately 10 % of GDP of our country.

2) It is the second largest industry in terms of employment.

3) One single tourist place can generate income for most of people in that area.

Career in tourism

As mentioned earlier tourism sector brings lot of opportunities

1) Travel agent

2) Tour operator

3) Tour escort

4) Tour Guide

5) Transportation, vehicle

6) Hotels and Resort and so on.

You have different courses for the above options like

1) IATA certificate course – can get job in airline industry or Air ticketing

2) Hospitality and Tourism course – Job in hotels and Travel companies


If you do this courses you can get salary from 15000/- rupees to 100000/- rupees as per your job profile.


Most of this courses require minimum 10 + 2 induration from 3 months to 2 years.

Note: Your personality, your social contacts and your passion is the key to this business

Post Covid 19:

My views:

After this, every business will be categorized as Pre- Covid and Post- Covid

Many of changes will happen in terms of way of doing the business.

To talk about tourism– Human being is a very social animal and needs to move on and other thing is tourism is non- replaceable. E.g. If I want to visit a sea shore/ or a Jungle safari, I have to go there at that spot only and enjoy. There is no other alternative.

So it’s bound to bounce back, especially Domestic Tourism; but after this situation normalize and depend upon new advisories for hotel, restaurants, traveling, etc.  from govt.

Jagdish Mali, Proprietor Dreamz Holidays, Pune


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MahaEdu News Administrator is a different educational website. It focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading topics in education. It helps in delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen vast educational system with the help of students, teachers and experts.
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