Government of India – Launches Mission Karmayogi- for Civil Servants

prakash javdekar

Government of India has launched mission Karmayogi for making Civil servants responsive to citizen needs. The civil servants are basically responsible for the implementation of the Government schemes. Therefore, this was much awaited reform needed by the government to provide effective benefits for common man. The success of any government scheme basically depends upon its effective implementation where the civil servants play an important role. The government is planning to bring paradigm shift in the HR management of civil services. It is planned to ensure that the right person with right competencies is at right position. It makes a civil servant more efficient, effective, accountable and responsive to the needs of the citizens. This programme will usher in marked enhancement in quality of governance.

The Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India has stated the following reasons for proposing changes in the Training Methodology and Approach.

  • Lack of standardization in training priorities, competencies and pedagogy across Institutes.
  • Difficulty in finding officials with the right competencies for a task.
  • Lack of Linkages between Role and Competency.
  • Emergence of silos at Department Level due to diverse training landscape.
  • Redundancies and Duplication of efforts and lack of a common platform

In Mission Karmayogi the proposed monitoring and evaluation frame work are

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of all users on the basis of Key performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Users include individual learner, the supervisor, the organisation, the peer group, the content provider, the content creator and the technology service providers
  • A dashboard and an annual state of the civil services report.
  • To capture KPIs for all Departments and agencies of the Government for ensuring best learning outcomes.

In Mission Karmayogi suggestions are also given to improve Digital assets for capacity building

  • Vocal for Local
  • Design, Implement and Manage Digital platform
  • Create, buy and curate content
  • Manage and deliver proctored individual assessments
  • Telemetry data based scoring- monitoring and evaluation
  • Feedback assessment driven by Artificial Intelligence.
government of india

Mission Karmayogi aims to prepare Indian civil servants for the future by making them more creative, constructive, imaginative, proactive, innovative, progressive, professional, energetic, transparent and technology enabled. The Karmayogi scheme will be the biggest Human Resource Development Programme of the government. A civil servant should be imaginative & innovative, proactive & polite, professional & progressive, energetic & enabling, transparent & tech-enabled, constructive & creative in order to meet the challenges of the society

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